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Realmark Urban Customer Story

Looking after the North and South of Perth with a vast number of suburbs serviced, Realmark chose Bricks and Agent to replace a different solution to assist with their 1000+ property portfolio and 12 staff

An all in one solution enticed Realmark to look at the platform.

Property managers, tenants, owners and trades in the one place was a game-changer for us.

"We could see the platform was always progressing, it integrated and it was user friendly. Our previous software wasn't as user friendly and it didn't progress. The Bricks and Agent customer support was 1000% better than what we were used to."

"The instant feedback and support was available that really helped us and the property managers, they didn't have to wait to get an instant reply and support made a big difference."

More than maintenance

"The transition was smooth - it wasn't just about the property managers, it was the trade assistance as well.

"We were concerned about the trades coming on board - we were honest with the trades in terms of what we were doing - everyone has gotten on board - we decided as a business how we are moving forward. We haven't really had any issues."

"Property managers are processing and are on top of work orders more, because it is constantly there. The biggest improvement was on the trust side, it stops our trust accountants having to check and manually enter information."

"Everything has been sped up from a maintenance perspective and we are seeing work orders being actioned and closed off a lot quicker than in the past."

"Adding the platforms digital locks and inspections into one platform that is integrated ultimately save property managers time."

"It is also saving tenant and owner time as they can login to see where things are up to. The open communication and transparency make a big difference."

"The platform gives us back time to allow us to build relationships."

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