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Bricks + Agent’s fully integrated Maintenance Solution with Property Tree has resulted in increased productivity for Waikato Real Estate.

“We’ve had massively increased productivity. Before implementing Bricks and Agent it wasn’t uncommon for us to see 80 to 100 work orders older than 30 days, now this sits at around 20. The trades are really happy using it. It’s really hit our service targets for owners and tenants too”.

Cherie Osbaldiston
General Manager, Waikato Real Estate
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Harris Tripp: Moving maintenance from the inbox to the cloud with Bricks and Agent

Bricks and Agents have not only its saving PM's time but also stopped the tenents calling and asking. I think that open communication and transparency at the same time, does make a big difference with maintenance, for us. Bricks and agents have everything integrated inside a single application that brings us great value.

Maria Pakis
Head of Property Management - Harris Tripp
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We have no hesitation recommending Bricks+Agent to anyone, and we have.

“We were using Maintenance Manager for 4 years and have switched to Bricks+Agent and the system is easier to use. They are super responsive to improvements and will help your trades, owners and tenants, as well has your team. As they said to us "Your job is to do Property Management, our job is IT - let us ring your tradesperson to help them work out the tech. Most trades has no trouble. For our team, B+A is simple to use, troubleshoots with videos for tenants”.

Kaye Matheson
Principal (McGrath Estate Agents)
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Property managers are happy with the platform and change management was made a breeze by exceptional customer support.

We have 1000+ managements we look after and a team of 12. We had a platform previously that wasn't as user friendly and didn't progress. To be able to approve a job and then not have to manually add invoices was a big tick. Everything in one platform - owners, tenants, trades and property managers with a platform that was one thousand times better made the transition so smooth for us

Nicole Hazell
Associate Director - Residential Property Management
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