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Cactus Club

A Cactus Needs Minimal Maintenance      The Perfect Fit With Our Maintenance Simplified Approach.

Maintenance should be as simple as looking after a Cactus!

Why the Cactus Club?


A cactus is a great plant - it looks cool - it has spikes and it takes virtually no effort to maintain. It only requires one ice block every three months. 


Bricks and Agent has taken a lead from the cactus - we have designed our platform to make maintenance as simple as possible.           

Join our cactus club today to simplfy property maintenance and of course to claim your cool cactus.      

Liven Up Your Space

A little bit of greengoes a long way - add it to your desk at home or the office

Improve Mood

Cactus make you happy - just take a glance - it may make you want to dance 

Increase Creativity

Rumor has it that staring at a cactus can provide your burst of creativity - if not its still good to look at

Place Your Bricks and agent Cactus

Place it in the corner

Try and place it near the light.

Place it on a window sill

Let your cactus gaze out the window.

Add it to your desk

So you can keep an eye on it. 

Cactus Club by Bricks+Agent

Register your cactus name and upload photos to win prizes


How to Care for your cactus

get your Cactus today

Come on - what are you waiting for. A better way to simplify maintenance plus a lovely cactus - what more could you ask for?  

Join the #CactusClub Today!

Cactus Gallery

With more than 2000 varieties of cactus - you never know which one you will get...


Walkingstick Cholla

Barrel Cactus


Walkingstick Cholla

Simpson Hedgehog

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