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About Bricks And Agent

Removing the manual and mundane from property management

Founded in December 2016

A cloud based maintenance solution that revolutionises the way property managers interact with tenants, owners and trades, by using the latest in technology and integrating into property management and inspection software providers.

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Our Achievements

December 2016

Bricks and Agent is born

Rafael Niesten and Jon Stul started Bricks + Agent to help vendors and people looking to buy or lease property to match with plans to add a maintenance platform to become a one stop property shop.

June 2017

MVP Launched

The launch of the MVP of Bricks + Agent. After a lot of late nights and early mornings Bricks + Agent is launched.

July 2017

Names as one of five startups to watch

Bricks + Agent is listed as one of five startups to watch by Finfeed.

October 2017

We joined Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% invites all entrepreneurs and their companies to commit important resources (product, time, and resources) to support integrating philanthropy into their business from an early stage.

February 2018

Became a Microsoft startup partner

Became an offical Microsoft startup company.

May 2018

AREC - launching property maintenance

Bricks and Agent unveils the property maintenance platform built for property managers, trades, owners and tenants.

June 2018

Bricks and Agent Partners with Little RealEstate

Andy Gooden, Chief Operating Officer, Little Real Estate comments: “On our quest to continuously deliver a differentiated service for our investors and tenants, partnering with leading technology businesses is crucial. We’re very excited to explore how we can continue to innovate the experience through partnerships like this one.”

July 2018

Bricks and Agent swims in The Shark Tank

We headed into The Shark Tank for our pitch on the platform we created - was great fun.

August 2018

Charter Hall Accelerator

Bricks and Agent graduates The Charter Hall accelerator program and begins to work with Charter Hall on utilising The Bricks and Agent platform for their $35bn worth of commercial assets.

September 2018

Proptech Summit 2018

Bricks and Agent discusses all things maintenance at the proptech summit in Sydney.

February 2019

B+A selected as a top 50 global startup

Bricks and Agent was one of the top 50 startups globally and went to The US to pitch on stage and hold conversations with key American prospects.

April 2019

B+A selected as a top 50 global startup

In an industry first Bricks and Agent launches a remote and onsite inspection product that deeply integrates with maintenance.

June 2019

B2B Rocks runner up

B2B Rocks scale up competition saw Bricks and Agent come in second after pitching the platform to a panel judges.

July 2019

The team keeps growing

The team keeps growing and we celebrated the first birthday of our Sri Lanka office opening.

August 2019

Places for People (UK) Partnership

The latest partnership will see Bricks + Agent build collaborative working relationships with the organisation and help them to identify, pilot and implement new technology based on the disruptive potential of the Bricks + Agent product and technology. Places for People manage over 200,000 properties across the UK. The innovation lab is a new initiative run by the property management company in conjunction with corporate innovation specialists, L Marks.

September 2019

Bricks and Agent becomes a Microsoft Scale up

Microsoft’s ScaleUp Program aims to empower entrepreneurs to build better companies by providing the tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise to ensure participants are enterprise-ready by scaling every aspect of their business. Throughout the program, and after graduation, Microsoft will serve as a strategic partner for all ScaleUp alumni, providing unparalleled avenues to market by connecting Bricks + Agent with Microsoft’s global network of customers, partners and venture capitalist firms.

October 2019

Austrade picks Bricks and Agent to go to Singapore

We are proud to announce that Bricks + Agent was selected in the Singapore Landing Pad Program endorsed by Austrade. The program enables market-ready Australian startups and scaleups the opportunity to land and expand in global innovation hubs.

November 2019

Bricks and Agent travels to Japan

It was a pleasure to connect with a global network of mentors, industry experts, and carefully selected market specialists in Osaka, Japan.

January 2020

PropertyMe partners with Bricks and Agent

Bricks and Agent partners with PropertyMe for maintenance and inspections for their clients

March 2020

65,000 Users

Bricks and Agent hits 65k users on the platform.

April 2020

Powering maintenance plus for MRI Software (Property Tree, Strata Master and Rest Professional)

Bricks and Agent is proud to be powering all of The MRI software residential and strata applications in Australia and New Zealand allowing single sign on and an embedded rich platform within each of the applications.

May 2020

Chatting about Proptech with Kylie Davis

Bricks + Agent, discusses property management & the benefits of using the technology created for both maintenance and inspections with Kylie Davis on the Proptech podcast. A must-listen for all property managers out there!

May 2020

Chatting about Proptech with Kylie Davis

Bricks + Agent, discusses property management & the benefits of using the technology created for both maintenance and inspections with Kylie Davis on the Proptech podcast. A must-listen for all property managers out there!

June 2020

100,000 users

Bricks + Agent hits 100,000 users in Australia, New Zealand and The UK. Growing at a rapid pace adding 35,000 users in less than 3 months.

July 2020

Launch of omni channel maintenance

The launch of omni channel maintenance options for tenants and owners

August 2020

Finalist in Proptech awards

Bricks and Agent was selected as a finalist for the best proptech project, product or pivot in the startup & innovation awards - which is pretty fab :-) The team developed a remote inspection product to assist property managers in conducting and completing inspections, as a result of the inability to attend physical inspections during COVID.

September 2020

150,000 users

Bricks and Agent has hit 150,000 users on the platform. The platform has grown significantly in a short period of time and we look forward to the next user milestone in the coming months.

October 2020

PAM is unveiled

We welcome PAM to the family. She is our property automation manager. PAM helps with a lot of the heavy lifting property managers need to undertake by automating these tasks.

December 2020

End of Year for 2020

Well 2020 certainly wasnt the year we had all hoped for. Our launches in both Singapore and The UK were postponed but are on track to recommence early in 2021. Here is to further growth in 2021 and a happy new year to all.

January 2021

Bots, Bots and more Bots

Our next installments of AI powered smart bots hit the market with Q&A from the agency questions, plus rent, arreas, bonds and other info to reduce the manual and mudane.

February 2021

Business Intellegence and Insights

"It's like someone has turned on the lights." Organisations have up to date information from all facets of maintenance for their agency for the first time. Staff, jobs, trades and costs are all now visible and reportable.

March 2021

220k users on the platform

From 65k a year ago to 220k users today, 240% growth in the year. We are really proud of this achievement and it is a great result for our team and of course our clients.

April 2021

B+A partners with Real+

Bricks and Agent partners with Real Plus to give their members access to the most advanced maintenance solution in the market.

May 2021

B+A is a finalist in the Propech Awards

It is an honour to be recognised by your peers and an esteemed panel of judges for the work that has been done to build the platform. Bricks and Agent is a finalist in the scale up category of the property and facility management category.

June 2021

B+A is a finalist YBF lift off awards in Proptech.

A great way to round out the financial year with an award that not only shines a light on the Bricks and Agent for the work we do in Proptech, but also, the fact we have gender and cultural diversity in the organisation. A great team effort.

July 2021

B+A has made it into the KPMG's Real Estate Innovations Overview for 2021.

"Bricks + Agent had caught our attention in our search for innovations in the Real Estate and/or Construction sector. We are pleased to confirm that you have been selected and officially been included as one of the global innovations captured in our publication! We have created an online interactive innovations dashboard that presents statistics and individual company data."

September 2021

350,000 Users

"350,000 users are now on the platform. It is a great acheivement for our team - growing more than 5 times in less than 18 months. Onward and upward :-)"

November 2021

Bricks and Agent | Hipages partnership

"Bricks and Agent announces a strategic partnership and investment from hipage, raising a total of $9m, of which hipages accounted for $6.25m.
We are very excited towork with the hipages team to explore synergies to benefit our mutual clients. "

January 2022

Strategic partnership signed

"Bricks and Agent partners with leading property management franchise network First National."

Feb 2022

More strategic partnerships announced

"Bricks and Agent partners with leading property management franchise networks Belle Property and Hocking Stuart."

March 2022

500k Users

Bricks and Agent added its 500,000th user to the platform. We are growing and welcoming more clients to maintenance simplified.

April 2022

JLL partners with Bricks and Agent

It is not every day that a fortune 500 company partners with you - we are delighted to welcome JLL to the platform for their commercial, residential and industrial assets in the region and in the near term globally.

May 2022

Conferences with Raine and Horne in Kiama

A month of conferences with Raine and Horne in Kiama, First National in Bangkok, AREC and Harcourts HX in the Gold Coast and Re-Edge in Melbourne. Great to get out and meet our client and potential clients too during the month.

June 2022

Most Innovative Proptech scale up - The Annual Proptech Awards

Bricks and Agent wins the most innovative Proptech scale up in property and facilities management in the annual Proptech awards for 2022

July 2022

600k Users

Bricks and Agent welcomed its 600,000th user coinciding with National Property Managers day where the team went and celebrated with some property managers at their offices.

August 2022

Digitisation of the tradie industry

The digitisation of the tradie industry continues to unlock opportunities across the board including benefits for our property management clients.

Find out more by clicking the picture below

September 2022

Power Maintenance in Palace

Bricks and Agent has been selected to power maintenance in Palace, meaning Palace clients will have a rich, deeply embedded, single sign on experience which will change the way that they work. This combined with the one click maintenance from inspections, it really does change the game.

January 2023

B+A acquires Maintenance Manager

Integrating PropertySafe & Maintenance Manager clients from Home Trades Hub Australia (HTHA) into the Bricks and Agent platform which brough together a vast user base of over 800,000 individuals

Feb 2023

B+A visits SaaStr Singapore

Visits to SaaStr for valuable market insights, leveraging them to scale Bricks and Agent establishing new connections

March 2023

B+A hits 1M users

Bricks and Agent have hit a major milestone of 1 million users, up from just over 65,000 users 3 years ago.

April 2023

B+A featured in Microsoft global announcement about the scale and growth

After a massive week of welcoming Inspection Manager to Bricks and Agent via our acquisition, Microsoft features Bricks and Agent to its nearly 20 million followers.

May 2023

B+A acquires Inspection Manager

Bricks and Agent acquires the largest and leading inspections platform in the region, Inspection Manager, a pioneer in the property management inspection space.

May 2023

B+A exhibits at AREC

Bricks and Agent showcases to the market the three key pieces of technology that greatly improve efficiency and client experiences in property management at AREC 2023.

May 2023

B+A rebrands to Proptech Labs

Launches Proptech Labs to bring together three existing platforms and their teams to create greater efficiencies and provide optimised resources, expertise, and technology, leading to streamlined processes and faster operations in property management.

June 2023

Invoice automate is nominated for a finalist in the annual Proptech association awards.

Invoice Automate turns as a finalist in the category of efficiency and optimisation. It is an amazing platform that is saving huge amounts of time and money for those that process invoices at scale - more than 300 invoices in less than 10 minutes with 0 errors - it is unheard of in the property management industry.

June 2023

Rafael Niesten ‘Co Founder’ is a finalist for Proptech leader of the year.

Rafael receives a nod as a finalist as proptech leader of the year. "Whilst it is great to be nominated for these awards, without the brilliant team of passionate individuals that put all of our platforms together each and every day, I wouldn't be in the position to be nominated for such an accolade."

Our Values


Passion and Enthusiasm

We are passionate in trying to make the lives of property managers better by removing the manual and mundane from their extremely busy days.


We are an open book, we are honest and open with our clients and if we make mistakes we aim to fix them as soon as possible. We are not scared to try things that may not work out, but we will tell you when they don't.


We strive to bring a smile to the faces of our team and clients where ver possible. Life is short - smile :-)

All have a voice

The reason we have the best platform on the market is because our team and clients are invited to have a seat at the table to make the platform better for all. We listen beacuse we care and want to build greatness.


Technology and innovation is at the core of what we do. We invest heavily in our technology, so the evolution of the platform is unmatched by others. We love to delight customers.              

Meet the Team

Some of The People Behind Bricks+Agent

Rafael Niesten


Jon Stul


Chinthaka Dissanayake


Gerald Sumcad

Chief Information Officer

Keegan McDermott

Head of Customer Experience

Madhawee Karunaratne

Head of Product Design

Mohamed Muzain

Head of Quality Engineering

Emma Verryt

Customer Support Consultant

Kunal Nair

Product Support Specialist

Kaylen Curlewis

Customer Success

Tracey Worthington

Senior Business Development Manager
Key Platform statistics

Connecting Property Managers,
Trades, Owners and Tenants
Together in One Simple and
Easy to Use Platform.








Time Savings


Reduction of Orders


User Satisfaction

customer stories

"Massively increased productivity..."

We've had massively increased productivity. Before implementing Bricks and Agent it wasn’t uncommon for us to see 80 to 100 work orders older than 30 days, now this sits at around 20. The trades are really happy using it. It’s really hit our service targets for owners and tenants too.

Cherie Osbaldiston
General Manager (Waikato Real Estate)

"The transparency helps our team massively..."

The transparency between all parties helps our team massively. The whole product and its features make facilitating maintenance very easy and quick. Amazing product with a great team backing the development and support.

Greg Banks
Manager Customer Support (Little Real Estate)

"This gives us greater visibility..."

By using the platform, this gives us greater visibility of all contractor jobs, enhances the customer journey and enables us to address any issues with contractors in real time for the 200,000+ properties we manage

Louise Smith
National Operations Manager (Places For People)

"I would describe this product as the Uber for property maintenance..."

I would describe their product as the Uber for property maintenance. We have 45,000 retail customers and we want to be able to give them some productivity tools so that they can manage their retail shop and easily communicate when they have issues.

Aidan Coleman
Former CTO (Charter Hall)

"The system is easier to use. They are super responsive to improvements..."

We were using Maintenance Manager for 4 years and have switched to Bricks+Agent and the system is easier to use. They are super responsive to improvements and will help your trades, owners and tenants, as well has your team. As they said to us "Your job is to do Property Management, our job is IT - let us ring your tradesperson to help them work out the tech. Most trades has no trouble but you will always get a couple that will struggle with anything new. For our team, B+A is simple to use, troubleshoots with videos for tenants, and we have no hesitation recommending Bricks+Agent to anyone, and we have."

Kaye Matheson
Principal (McGrath Estate Agents)

"Bricks and Agent has opened my eyes..."

Bricks and Agent has opened my eyes with regards to how many work orders we are processing as well as the number of renovations we are undertaking. The volume of repairs and maintenance has really shown me how much time it was taking away from our property managers. Through business insights management is no longer left in the dark.

Maria Pakis
Head of Property Management (Harris Tripp)

"A platform that made the transition so smooth for us..."

We have 1000+ managements we look after and a team of 12. We had a platform previously that wasn't as user friendly and didn't progress. To be able to approve a job and then not have to manually add invoices was a big tick. Everything in one platform - owners, tenants, trades and property managers with a platform that was one thousand times better made the transition so smooth for us

Nicole Hazell
Associate Director (Residential Property Management)

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